Richie Nath (b. 1995 in Yangon, Myanmar) is a queer artist based in Paris since 2021. He was raised in Myanmar and completed his studies in England. Graduating from the London College of Fashion (2017) in fashion illustration, Nath is a member of the agency of artists in exile. His paintings explore themes of queer self reflection, identity and dreams.

Richie combines illustration and painting using vibrant colors, the human figure, and intricate forms, delving into the complexities of identity, eroticism and politics in the context of his own experience as a youth in a conservative society. Nath investigates the intricacies of the human psyche, and is compelled by mythology, Egyptian gods and Buddhist folklore. Nath’s paintings serve as a portal to his inner world.

Recent exhibitions: Mère D’Exil - Regards D’Artistes, La Cité Miroir, liège, Belgium (2023); This Too Shall Pass, Spinello Projects, Miami, U.S.A (2023); EXPOSITION STOP WARS, Magasins Généraux, Paris, France (2022); Fighting Fear, 16 Albemarle, Australia (2021); Notes From The Motherland, Aicon Contemporary, New York, U.S.A (2020); The Foot Beneath The Flower: camp, Kitsch Art in SouthEast Asia, NTU ADM Gallery, Singapore (2020).